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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Surprise! Hezbullah part of Kuwait spy ring

On Sunday, I reported that Kuwait had busted an Iranian spy ring that was searching for Kuwaiti and American targets in Kuwait. To no one's surprise, Lebanon's Naharnet is reporting that two of the members of that spy ring were Hezbullah operatives from Lebanon (Hat Tip: RPS).
Two Lebanese residents of Kuwait have reportedly played an important role in a spy cell working for Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards Corps, with one financing it.

Kuwait's al-Qabas daily has said that at least seven members of the alleged cell, some serving in the army and police, had been arrested by the emirate's security forces.

It said they were assigned to monitor Kuwaiti and U.S. military bases and inform the Guards.

The daily said on Sunday that the cell included six Kuwaitis and two bidoon, or stateless Arabs, in the army and that the two Lebanese men played an important role in the network, with one financing it.

The other Lebanese passed information from the cell to a Guards liaison officer who met cell members in the Iranian cities of Mashhad and Isfahan, according to al-Qabas.

The newspaper said that the two Lebanese are still on the run.
Of course, Iran is denying the story.


At 1:54 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Of course.

You do know who was really behind it - the Mossad who sought to discredit Iran.



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