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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ethan Bronner comes clean

Ethan Bronner is the New York Times' Jerusalem bureau chief.
This is from a talk he gave at Brandeis University on February 2, 2010: It’s pretty easy. You have enormous access to officials. You have pretty good access to the military and you have a very very open robust debate going on all the time.

And when you arrive for example in Israel as a reporter you go to the government press office they give you a list of the phone numbers of all the ministries and within about five minutes you can get the cell phone numbers of the various ministers and that is not true in Palestine or in the Arab world generally. You will get phone numbers for people, but there isn’t that same robust debate. There is very little investigative journalism, basically none, in Palestine and there are no columnists complaining about the situation the way they are in Israel.

And since we as foreign correspondents spend our time sort of creaming off the conversation that goes on inside a society, it means there’s a lot to cream on one side and very little to cream on on the other. This means that when you or others complain about unfair coverage of Israel, my advice would be “Don’t complain about our not writing positive things about Israel. Complain about our not writing enough negative things about their enemies” because I think therein lies the imbalance which is difficult and does need to be corrected. It’s hard to do because one society is more closed than the other and to remind you we rely on we live off controversy and tension. So Israel, you know, is all day long exposing itself with those questions.
Read the whole thing - and wonder why more of it doesn't get into the Times or into other mainstream media.


At 6:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


pretty surprised that you havent commented on the latest missive by the jew hating king, john mearsheimer....cuz its a good one

dont wanna mess up your l'ag bomer, but watch or read...im shocked that anyone takes this yahoo seriously


here is a pretty good critique on his insanity



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