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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Yellow roses sent by Christians going to hospitals

On Sunday, I reported that the Prime Minister's office had turned down a gift of 10,000 yellow roses that was being sent by a Christian radio hostess in Florida. The Prime Minister's office has now decided to donate the roses to Jerusalem hospitals.
In response to media inquiries, the Prime Minister’s Office issued a response, saying it “has not received any formal notification concerning the delivery of flowers from well-wishers for the prime minister and if such a shipment of flowers is indeed sent the PMO would be pleased to receive them, of course in accordance with required security procedures.

“In such a situation, the Prime Minister’s Office would donate the flowers to hospitals in Jerusalem.”
Unfortunately, it turns out that the radio hostess, Janet Porter, is part of a group called Faith 2 Action.org (Hat Tip: Shy Guy), which is a group that would like Jews to convert to Christianity, God forbid (see image below).

If you go here, you will find that the item directly below this one is the yellow roses drive, and that the florist is appearing on the radio show today. I'd rather Ms. Porter love us from afar and not try to convert us. Failing that, it is possible that the initial decision to decline the gift was the correct one.


At 9:38 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - Christian support for Israel does come with baggage involved. Friends can agree to disagree. But I do find the "conversion" aspect of that support by the way, to be very off-putting to say the least.

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Alexander Maccabee said...

The last thing a sick Jew in a hospital needs is a prod to believe in pagan, anti-Tanakh, Jesus.

No one who has read Tanakh would believe such an obvious fairytale. The "Old Testament" is nothing but a poorly translated mockery of Tanakh. A cruel joke on much of the world's population.

Holy fish hat!

At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get what you're saying.. I think that this is one of those "thought that counts" moments, though. Understand that our religion is as inclusive as Judaism is exclusive, and some Protestants in particular tend to get a little carried away. I'm sure they mean no harm, and the Evangelicals are better friends to Israel than many, many American Jews.

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


carl...open your eyes man

dont do a praeger or a medved on me

right wing christians are not our friends

i know we cannot go out of our way to anger them...but please, stop embracing their "friendship" it is very, very dangerous

At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not from their honey and not from their sting.

Yes, the thought counts. Everything behind every one of these ministries' thoughts is an attempt to "witness" their pagan dead man-god to us.

Wake up, fellow Yidden! You're being had day in and day out from every one of these guys - except for this one.

Take it from one of our own who's been there: Rabbi Gavriel Sanders.

At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Flowers for Jesus: Return to Sender

At 3:42 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

Exactly it was the right decision to decline the flowers. Having said that it was easier for everyone to jump the PM then check out the source.

What I ask of my Republican Christian friends who claim support of Israel is one thing and one thing only. Please walk the talk. When Bush was in his second term of office the inability to walk was pervasive.

To everyone, please cut the PM a little slack. No one would dare be in his shoes right now in this era most especially at this given time in history. Not even our beloved Menachem Begin.

Remember, even Begin had to be diplomatic a time or two. I knew there was a valid reason for not accepting those flowers and it had nothing to do with appeasing Obama!

At 5:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nomatter, yours is a lot of wishful thinking if you assume that Netanyahu's office rejected the flowers on account of evangelical missionizing.

And Netanyahu should be cut zero slack for everything he's failed at, stated to do, and implemented, since he ran for PM and has been in office.

The man's a disaster.

At 5:57 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Shy Guy, that goes to the question asked about what he really believes. And as Gideon Levy of Haaretz pointed out last week, no one knows what Israel wants. Israel's leaders over the last 17 years have gotten quite good at advancing the Palestinian narrative that they forgot all about their own country and its national interests. There is not going to be peace with the Palestinians in our own lifetime and when Israeli Jews are finally willing to acknowledge that unpleasant reality, the better off the country will be.

At 5:06 AM, Blogger Daniel434 said...

Try listening to Dr. Michael Brown debate Rabbi Tovia Singer here:


Witnessing or sharing what we as Christians believe is not forced conversion and while you do not use the word 'forced', you seem to emphasize conversion. I hardly understand how a friendly dialogue between a Christian and a Jew on the Tanakh can be so dangerous? Yet, most ultra-orthodox Jews treat us (Christians who attempt to dialogue with Jews) like we are the same as Islamic suicide bombers.

Enjoy the debate. It's a good one. Dr. Michael Brown is great.

At 12:12 AM, Blogger Mindy Lou said...

I heard this lady on the radio. Her point is that America is Standing with Israel, no matter how crappy our President is to them.
This is all the card says,
To our friends in Israel:

Be encouraged, Americans stand with you. God bless you.
Your Name, Your City, State
"The Lord builds up Jerusalem." --Psalm 147:2

Trying to make something out of nothing, she's not trying to convert all the Jewish. Get your facts straight. Go talk to her or listen to the web site.


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