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Friday, April 09, 2010

State Department worried about sanctions delay, thanks Israel for internationalizing Iran nuke threat

Speaking to the Jerusalem Post, an anonymous States Department official has expressed concern over the amount of time that it is taking to pass sanctions in the United Nations. He believes that sanctions will be passed by the end of June. He praises Israel for 'internationalizing' the Iranian nuclear threat. And he rejects the idea of trying to 'contain' a nuclear Iran.

On the other hand, he admits to the total failure of Obama's 'engagement' policy, which begs the question of why Obama insists on continuing to try it. He states that the administration will continue to insist on a sanctions resolution that passes the Security Council, which means that whatever eventually passes will be far too little and obviously too late.

But perhaps most curious is what he says about possible Israeli military action against Iran.
Still, he said Israel would have to make its own decisions in determining what kind of measures it needed to take – including military action – for its security.

“It’s not really up to other countries to second-guess decisions that other countries make in terms of their own self-defense,” he said, noting that both Obama and his Republican predecessor had stated repeatedly that “all options are on the table.”

But he underscored that military action was not the preferred outcome.

“I think almost every country would agree that it’s better to solve a problem through diplomacy and persuasion and engagement than through violence or military force,” he said.
I would love to know who this official is (reporter Hillary Leila Kreiger describes him as 'senior') and whether he speaks for the Obama administration. Does this mean that Obama has given up on pressuring Israel to hold its fire?

As I see it, the Obama administration is trying to push Israel into a corner where it will attack Iran in the hope that the retaliation will force us to seek American assistance in international forums - the price for which will be a 'Palestinian state' on the 'Palestinians' terms. That's probably consistent with giving Israel just enough rope to carry out an attack.

What could go wrong?


At 5:23 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

There is NO "linkage." Israel's right of self defense is not conditioned on compromising its existence to please other countries. if the US will not act, then Israel must do what has to be done to prevent a Second Holocaust.


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