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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

McCain on the Gates memo

Here's Senator John McCain on Fox News on Sunday talking about the Gates memo on how the US has no contingency plans if Iran says no.

Let's go to the videotape. The Iran segment is the first segment and it runs through the 3:00 mark.

Jennifer Rubin adds:
The fact that Gates’s January memo was leaked now — following Obama’s dog-and-pony nuclear summit show – suggests that someone in the administration is nervous that the Obami have made precious little progress in devising an alternative to its que sera, sera stance toward a nuclear-armed Iran. The choice comes down to this: Obama’s mini-sanctions (which increasingly seem to be a slow walk to containment) or the toughest unilateral sanctions we can muster with a credible threat of military force if those sanctions don’t succeed. Unfortunately, by downplaying the use of force (and let’s be candid, Gates contributed to this by contributing his fair share of the bad-mouthing), such a threat is going to be all the more difficult to muster.
So it's going to fall to Israel to do something about it. Will Obama at least not interfere? Will he cover us at the UN? Don't bet on it.


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