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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just another infidel

Rabbi Shmuely Boteach visited Rome and met the Pope recently. Here's what ensued:
Rabbi Shmuely Boteach met with the Pope in St. Peter’s Square and gave him a watch as a gift. This is what ensued.

Rabbi Boteach said that the Pope remarked: "It has two faces on it" and, the Rabbi continued, "this was the perfect introduction for me to share the issues I had prepared. I said, ‘Pope Benedict, it’s an honor to meet you. This watch has the times of Rome and Jerusalem on it, signifying the eternal friendship between our two faiths. I also hope that when you wear it the future of the Jewish people will always be on your mind, as Israel struggles with existential threats, like Iran, who threaten to wipe it off the map. Your voice against these threats is essential, Your holiness.’

He said ‘Yes,’ nodding his head in agreement.”
It's a thought, but I have my doubts that it will do any good. After all, to Ahmadinejad, the Pope is just another infidel.


At 5:50 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

Just another infidel?? His Church is responsible for our suffering!!

The whole Republican party has remained silent on issues of the POPE of late and in the past. Are you kidding? You should have heard what all the talking heads on Fox had to say about 'anyone' who questions the Catholic Church calling them fringe lunatics, etc. As for Mel Gibson(anti-semite extraordinaire)and his movie depicting Jews in the most horrible manner once again bringing to light we killed Christ, there were Conservative commentators that claimed, "all the furry by those who were complaining was imagined." They all stood up for the POPE, the Catholic church and MEL GIBSON.

When the day comes that all Jews understand we are nothing more then political fodder used and abused by friends and foes alike, we will stand on our own two feet. Clear thinking can only be done when ideological politics are set aside.

I posted 5 examples one thread by the strongest Jewish organization in America, ZOA. I did it not to be mean spirited but to prove when Bush was in office the whole of the Republican hierarchy turned their backs while Bush screwed us big time. I posted those links to show how incredible it is all my Republican congressman, senators, columnists, church groups, etc., now find it in them to speak out because Obama is in office. (not that they shouldn't because he is pure evil) but.... I ask, where were they especially in the last 4 years of the Bush presidency?

If you can not see in actuality we mean nothing to anyone but ourselves, I give up. And no non-Jew or Jews swindled by those who "care selectively" dare tell me to speak out!!


Bottom line: If all those screaming foul on Obama would have done so when Bush and his puppet Jew Olmert took Israel for a ride, we would not be in such a dire predicament right now.

Of course puppet Jews were just fine when Bush was in office.

Not only left wingers need to take the sleep out of their eyes andtherein lies the rub.


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