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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Jordan stakes a claim on Jerusalem

Yesterday, I argued that it is impossible for Israel and the 'Palestinians' to resolve their dispute without assistance from the Arab countries because of the thousands of 'refugees' who live in those Arab countries. Now, there's another reason that Jordan needs to be a party to any resolution (or to drop its claims): Jordan is staking a claim to parts of Jerusalem.
Jordan has not waived its rights to sovereignty and responsibility over the Temple Mount, the Hashemite Kingdom's Minister of Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites, Abdel Salam Abbadi, said Tuesday.

The Minister said that in its 1988 decision to disconnect from Judea and Samaria, Jordan had not disengaged itself from Jerusalem and the holy sites, the Al Quds newspaper reported.

Observers said that the minister's statements were not necessarily aimed solely at Israeli ears. It could be that Jordan wants to stake out its claim to Jerusalem because the Palestinian Authority is currently demanding the Holy City for itself with overt United States support, and Jordan does not want to be left out.

Senior PA officials are currently in the US, poring over maps and other documents that they intend to present before the American administration as proof that the PA is capable of controlling areas under its authority. The presentation is intended to bolster new demands from Israel for territorial handovers, including areas of Jerusalem such as Abu Dis.
What's a Muslim-loving US President to do? Heh.


At 2:52 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Jordanians don't want "east" Jerusalem turned over to the Palestinians, much to Abu Bluff's annoyance. Time to revisit those maps!



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