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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jerusalem planning council to meet next week; 'east' Jerusalem on the agenda

For the first time since Vice President Joe Biden's visit here in March, the Jerusalem Planning and Building Council will meet on Tuesday and construction in 'east' Jerusalem will be on the agenda.
Since the Biden crisis, the committee hasn’t reconvened, and Jerusalem construction proceedings were frozen off, even for housing in west Jerusalem.

The first committee meeting on Tuesday will not deal with east Jerusalem building permits, but a second session on Thursday will discuss small plans, that include prospective housing units in east Jerusalem

Along with the move, Interior Minister Eli Yishai instructed the committee to submit any politically sensitive building plans to him for approval prior to proceeding with them, Army Radio reported Wednesday.
My guess is that meeting on Thursday will deal with things like someone in a Jewish suburb in 'east' Jerusalem who wants to add a basement onto his house (yes, that requires approval too plus the consent of all of your neighbors believe it or not - that's why so many Jews here build illegally as well and why there is an inordinate amount of tattling to the City). I doubt that anything serious is going to be approved.

In other words, without knowing the agenda, this meeting is unlikely to prove anything either way regarding whether or not there is a building freeze for Jews in 'east' Jerusalem.


At 7:40 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

The only reason I suspect its being convened at all is due to the Feiglin challenge in the Likud. If that didn't happen, I doubt the planning council would be meeting next week. What is clear for now at least, is that it does not portend the resumption of major construction in Jerusalem.


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