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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jericho II missiles not an option for Iran

I know that some of you have suggested that Israel should leave the Air Force home and use Jericho II missiles to take out Iran's nuclear capability. Here's a map that shows why that cannot be done.

Now there are Jericho III missiles but they are still under development and no one who knows their range is willing to say what it is.



At 8:14 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

They could be launched from Israeli warships positioned off the Red Sea or even the Arabian Sea. Israel is not without options apart from the Air Force. And the existing Jericho II can be modified to reach Iran.

If we're talking about destroying Iran's nuclear program, we're talking about having to destroy Iran - it means its capcity to resist, retaliate and recover. The loss in Iranian life would be enormous. But most Israelis would agree better them than us.

The only way Iran can avert its own destruction is to avert from the course it has chosen. It is heading to a point where it leaves Israel with no alternative but a non-conventional response to the threat it poses to the survival of the Jewish State itself.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

it is high time for Israel to make this situatiion end, America is ruled by a muslem, that does not give a damn about America, less about the staunchest allies of america since its birth , Israel, in 1973 Israel conveyed a message to the then U.S. president RIchard Nixon that in case the situation would worsen Israel would not hesitate to use a nuclear missile, time for hesitation has ended, Iran is the cancer of this world And I will applaud Israel use of atomic weapons against it if this comes to pass, I had the honor and the pleasure of serving in the Israeli Army for 20 years, and I would die for my people anytime, as a matter of fact I am in the reserve list and if needed I willlay my life for Israel and the Jewish people, these muslims that teach their children since the age of 3 to hate the jews and the Christians , these muslems that send kids with dynamite vests, these fundamentalists that kill their own people if they are willing to make peace with Israel, and worst of all, use their children as human shields when in danger of being arrested and use their own parents for that too, are abominable before and any decent human being, Israel time of hesitation has ended it is time for deeds not words.

At 9:48 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

it is time for deeds and not words, Israel has the right to defend itself and kick some serious muslem ass, enough to give in to those muslim s and make a stand, Obama and no other leader in the world has the right to tell Israel what to do. less than most Obama for he is a muslem allien that became president in a fraudulent way. he kisses king Fahed's behind and speaks about the great aportations of the muslims to the U.S. hahaha that is a bloody joke, the only thing that muslems did to America was pain and sorrow killing and destroying american citizens and the WTC, and if the americans thinkk they are safe, better think again, muslems are all over your country with secret agendas to undermine your country.


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