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Monday, April 26, 2010

In the next war, Israel must destroy Assad

In the event of another war with Syria, Lebanon or Hezbullah, Israel must go for regime change in Syria.
Israel should be conscious of several factors in the face of the threat from the north. First, on the margins, one should bear in mind Justice Richard Goldstone's ruling in his report to the United Nations on Operation Cast Lead - that hitting a country's infrastructure is a war crime as it constitutes collective punishment, which is banned under international law. I am not saying that Goldstone must be obeyed, but his ruling must be taken into consideration.

On a tactical level, Israel must develop the intelligence capability necessary to destroy the maximum number of Scuds possible and especially the missile launchers, either at the beginning of a war or even beforehand. Israel should also try to shorten the duration of any fighting as much as possible by hitting Lebanese infrastructure, but only in response to Israel's being hit first.

In the event of war, Israel's strategic goal should be the overthrow of the Alawite regime in Syria, and with that aim should continue developing its mobile ground forces along with massive aerial firepower. Within the Israel Defense Forces' mobile units, the infantry forces and the special forces - particularly those that have the capacity to reach any location in the theater of battle - must be strengthened.

Israel must prepare the international diplomatic community for a war of this kind and will have to make it clear from the beginning that we have no alternative. Israel will be tasked with explaining that, because the enemy is protecting terrorists during a time of war, we have no choice but to hit the enemy's home front and infrastructure. The very fact of an international debate on this issue is liable to deter the Syrians on the one hand, though it might also put Israel under international diplomatic pressure to restrain itself on the other - but that is a risk worth taking.

Above all, Israel must make it clear right now that, in the event of a missile attack from the north, it will act on the goal of immediately deposing the Alawite regime in Syria even before turning its attention to the missile threat. Such a statement could deter the Syrians from arming Hezbollah with Scuds, out of concern that the Muslim organization might fire the missiles without first coordinating with Syria.
Sorry, but I don't buy that Israel has to obey Goldstone and I don't buy Goldstone's interpretation of international law. If you can't hit infrastructure and someone is hitting you, what's left to hit?


At 1:37 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Israel is not obligated to obey Goldstone's twisted interpretation of international law. Israel's obligation is to defend itself and if a consequence of that means being condemned for razing the enemy into oblivion, well then that's just a price Israel is going to have to live with. There's no other means to prevent the enemy from rebuilding fast enough to pose a threat to Israel again. Let the costs of rebuilding Lebanon and Syria be entirely shouldered by them - that's as it should when they seek to destroy the Jewish State.

At 4:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when america fought both gulf wars, the first things that were bombed were command and control...and these included structures that the goldstone report had listed as possible war crimes

so goldstone is wrong....and if he based his findings on international law, it too is wrong

to win a war one must destroy command and control structures and lines of supply

basically, everyone in the world is allowed to fight a war...save israel...

pure idiocy


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