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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gaza's only power plant shut down and no one cares

A bit more than two years ago, Hamas staged scenes of blackouts in Gaza, claiming that they had no electricity because Israel had cut off fuel supplies to the Hamas junta. At the time, Israel was directly supplying 75% of Gaza's electricity, and there was no real power outage.

On Friday, it was reported that Gaza's only power plant has shut down as a result of a dispute between the various terror factions. But I'll guarantee that most of you didn't know about it (I didn't either). If there's no way to blame Israel, no one cares.
Officials say Gaza's only power plant has stopped operating because of a lack of fuel caused by the ongoing dispute between Palestinian political rivals.

Gaza's Islamic militant Hamas rulers and their Western-backed West Bank rivals have argued over who should pay for the fuel for the plant. The West Bank government has paid Israel for the fuel shipments to the plant but wants Hamas to cover at least some of it. Hamas rejects the demand.

Gaza also has other sources of electricity, and Friday's shutdown caused only limited power cuts. Still, Gazans have had to get used to rolling blackouts since 2006, when Israel bombed the power station after the capture of an Israeli soldier by Gaza militants.
Of course, the plant was repaired since 2006, but leave it to al-AP to find a way to blame Israel anyway.


At 8:32 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

I had no idea electricity for Gaza became an entitlement Israelis have to provide. The Israeli Left claimed that when Israel left Gaza it would be relieved of responsibility for it. It hasn't worked out the way the Disengagement proponents intended... and Israel is still viewed by the rest of the world as the occupier of Gaza!


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