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Monday, March 15, 2010

Shebaneh threatens to expose new scandal involving Sheikh Tamimi

The 'Palestinian Authority' sent its security forces to raid the Jericho home of whistleblower Fahmi Shebaneh, seizing the home and destroying furniture. Shebaneh, who lives in Jerusalem and has an Israeli identity card, was not at the Jericho home.

Still, they can't shut him up:
Shabaneh, meanwhile, has threatened to expose a new scandal involving Sheikh Tayseer Bayoud Tamimi, chief judge of the Islamic Courts in the PA.

Shabaneh told the Post that he has issued an ultimatum to Tamimi, the highest-ranking Islamic figure in the PA territories, to resign within a week or else he would publish allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

Shabaneh said that when he was still in his job he received a number of complaints against the sheikh and other judges working in the Shari’a courts in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

He also released a recording of a phone call from last week in which Tamimi pleads with him not to expose details of the scandal he’s allegedly involved in.

“After I publish the case against Judge Tamimi, he will be forced to resign because he has brought shame on the Islamic courts in Palestine,” Shabaneh said. “His fate will be similar to that of Rafik Husseini, whom we filmed naked in the bedroom of an Arab woman from Jerusalem.”

Shabaneh added that he also had incriminating material against a former PA minister who lives in the Jerusalem area. “He will be the next in line,” he said. “This minister has also been begging me not to expose his file.”
For those who have forgotten the vile Sheikh Tamimi, please go here and here.

It ought to be fun to watch this rat squirm. Maybe someone could send the video to the Pope.



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