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Friday, March 19, 2010

Petraeus is not anti-Israel

Max Boot quotes General David Petraeus' own words to refute what has become a Leftist meme this week. The meme is that Petraeus blames Israel for exposing American troops to danger. The meme is a lie.
The only time Israel came up was when Senator McCain asked Petraeus for his views. Here is what Petraeus said, in its entirety:
We keep a very close eye on what goes on there [in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza Strip], because of the impact that it has, obviously, on that part of CENTCOM that is the Arab world, if you will. And in fact, we’ve urged at various times that this is a critical component. It’s one reason, again, we invite Senator Mitchell to brief all of the different conferences that we host, and seek to support him in any way that we can when he’s in the Central Command part of the region, just as we support Lieutenant General Dayton, who is supporting the training of the Palestinian security forces from a location that is in the CENTCOM AOR as well.

And in fact, although some staff members have, various times, and I have discussed and — you know, asking for the Palestinian territories or something like that to be added to — we have never — I have never made that a formal recommendation for the Unified Command Plan, and that was not in what I submitted this year. Nor have I sent a memo to the White House on any of this — which some of this was in the press, so I welcome the opportunity to point that out.

Again, clearly, the tensions, the issues and so forth have an enormous effect. They set the strategic context within which we operate in the Central Command area of responsibility. My thrust has generally been, literally, just to say — to encourage that process that can indeed get that recognition that you talked about, and indeed get a sense of progress moving forward in the overall peace process, because of the effect that it has on particularly what I think you would term the moderate governments in our area. And that really is about the extent of our involvement in that, Senator.
So there you have it. General Petraeus obviously doesn’t see the Israeli-Arab “peace process” as a top issue for his command, because he didn’t even raise it in his opening statement. When he was pressed on it, he made a fairly anodyne statement about the need to encourage negotiations to help moderate Arab regimes. That’s it. He didn’t say that all settlements had to be stopped or that Israel is to blame for the lack of progress in negotiations. And he definitely didn’t say that the administration should engineer a crisis in Israeli-U.S. relations in order to end the construction of new housing for Jews in East Jerusalem. In fact, his view, as I mentioned in my earlier post, is that settlements are only “one of many issues, among which also is the unwillingness to recognize Israel and the unwillingness to confront the extremists who threaten Israelis.”
And he doesn't seem to favor replacing Mitchell either. So much for that claim.

The origin of the Petraeus story was a YNet column in Hebrew that was reproduced by Laura Rozen. See what you get by listening to the Leftist Israeli media.


At 12:13 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Israeli media and the Obama Administration share a kindred view and an antipathy to Netanyahu. So they both will distort the truth in order to weaken Israel.

With the kind of reporting we've seen, that hardly comes as a surprise.

At 4:15 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

"And he doesn't seem to favor replacing Mitchell either. So much for that claim"

Face it Carl, during the war on terror there was complete disconnect between Jews being slaughtered and the war on terror. There was always an excuse for the Palestinians being occupied and need for striking out because they did not have a contiguous and viable state. At that very time that famous remark by Bush was born where he ordered Israel to make sure the viable and contiguous state did not resemble swiss cheese.

Obama is a millions times worse, however the road to this point was so smoothly paved by a supposed good friend while the conservative upper echelon barely peeped. How can we now be shocked by what lies before our eyes?

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Y.K. said...

I do recall the "story" was broken by one Perry, a former Arafat aid which wrote to foreignpolicy.com, and not by the Israeli media.


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