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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

'Palestinians' threaten new 'intifada'

What the West doesn't chooses not to understand about the 'Palestinians' is that even those 'Palestinians' who are supposedly committed to a 'negotiated' solution, maintain 'resistance' (i.e. terror) as an option if they don't get their way. Negotiations between Israel and the 'Palestinians' are not a business negotiation in which each side gives something to get the deal done. They are a zero sum game in which the 'Palestinians' insist that if all their demands are not fulfilled, they will return to terror.

The West, much of it infused with visceral Jew-hated anyway, chooses to pretend that the 'Palestinians' have given up on terror, and to delude itself that Israel can actually negotiate rationally with these Islamic savages, and reach a reasonable compromise in which both sides can live happily ever after. But the 'negotiation' is a lie. Anything less than all the 'Palestinians' demands will be rejected and 'rewarded' with terror. And we had another illustration of that on Monday night:
PLO executive committee member Ahmed Qureia warned Monday that if Israel continues to build Jewish neighborhood in east Jerusalem and raze Arab homes "another intifada will break out."

Speaking to reporters in Abu Dis, Qureia, a former prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, said, "If matters remain at this level, regardless of whether we take the decision or not, it is coming. If Israel continues these practices, it is coming," he said.
In other words, "give us what we want, or else."

What the West fails to understand in all this is that while threats are issued against Israel by the 'Palestinians,' we are merely the canary in the coal mine. Militant Islam thinks as poorly of Christianity as it does of Judaism and is as willing to murder Christians as it is to murder Jews. The 'Palestinians' have become the cause and the vanguard of militant Islam (even the supposedly 'secular' Fatah appeals to Muslim religious values), and the real target is not just Israel but the West: Its liberal democratic values, its intellectual curiosity and its 'live and let live' ethos. That's what's at stake in Israel.

That's also the irony in the radical Left's alliance with radical Islam: they apparently do not understand that once the West is gone, they are next on the list.


At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If soldiers were given a green light to fire their weapons when necessary, I would gladly volunteer to go back to reserve duty and pick up a gun should the Arabs want to start something up again.

At 11:16 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Shy Guy, I've often said Israel's real problem is not one of means; its one of courage. Jews must look to G-d for true salvation. From that, all will follow.

Read the Torah!


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