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Sunday, March 14, 2010

'Palestinian Authority' textbooks continue to incite

Over the years, I have written several posts about 'Palestinian' textbooks and how they are educating a new generation of 'Palestinians' to hate Israel. Unsurprisingly, nothing has changed.
Part of the original — circa 1994 — Oslo agreements was the commitment on both sides to refrain from incitement, as well as the agreement to amend the educational systems to reflect the new reality of peaceful coexistence. Clearly this was turned squarely on its head with the “election” of Hamas in Gaza several years ago. But what has happened in the territories under Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority on the West Bank? Has the PA turned over a new leaf in educating its young people to be progressive in the pursuit of coexistence alongside Israel?

Emphatically, not at all.


One might be unsurprised, if appalled, by the persistence of hate in Hamas-sponsored curricula. But from the Palestinian Authority, improvements in the state of the educational curricula should not only be anticipated; they should be expected and required. Unfortunately, the PA’s uncooperativeness was cheered by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, who said (after transferring $200 million in aid to the PA in June 2009) she had been assured that President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad “have put in place the foundations of a responsible, transparent, accountable government.”

Yet, according to the most recent study commissioned by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in Herzliya, a new generation of Palestinian students is being inculcated in rejectionism. For example, here is a listing of just a few items:


6. The new Palestinian school books teach that Palestinians must use war and violence — especially martyrdom — to accomplish their goals:

The heroic mother, “who incessantly presents one sacrifice [fida'] after another.” (Lughatuna al-Jamila (Our Beautiful Language), Vol 2, 5th grade textbook, p. 31).

“The warrior goes to war faced with one of the good options: victory or martyrdom in battle for the sake of Allah.” (Ibid. Vol. 1, 5th grade textbook, p. 70).

“Allah gave the people of this land (Al-Sham and Palestine) an important task: they must stand on the forefront of the Muslim campaign against their enemies, and only if they fulfill their duty to their religion, nation, and land will they be rewarded as stated in the scriptures.” (Al-Tarbiya al-Islamiyyah (Islamic Education), Vol 2, 10th grade textbook, p. 50).
With 42% of 'Palestinians' under the age of 15, it is clear that the 'Palestinian Authority' is well on its way to educating another generation in its unique replacement theology wherein Israel will (God forbid) be replaced by 'Palestine.' Even Hamas' schools are under greater oversight.
Ironically, there may actually be more oversight of U.S. funds currently spent in Hamas’ Gaza — at least those funneled through the United Nations Refugee and Works Agency (UNRWA). Following a firestorm of outrage over American funds being funneled into terrorist-sponsored activities, several key U.S. congressmen authored a bill requiring transparency for those monies.

As recently as last October, U.S. Representative Steve Rothman (D-NJ) said:
UNRWA has come a “long way” in redressing gaps in how it spends its money in Palestinian areas …[revamping] its vetting processes and mechanisms, firing more than 100 employees over the past 10 years that have been found to violate U.S. and UN policies regarding associating with Hamas or other terrorist groups.
I don't consider that a 'long way,' but considering that the US decided to give UNRWA another $55 million on Friday (to compensate them for the Ramat Shlomo building announcement?), perhaps this would be a good time to make those controls a little tighter.

The picture is from a 12th grade 'Palestinian' textbook that replaces Israel with 'Palestine.'


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