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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Overnight music video

Our rabbis tell us b'Nissan nigalu u'b'Nissan asidin l'hi'gael (the Jews were redeemed from Egypt in the month of Nissan and they will be redeemed in Nissan in the future). It's Nissan now. Pesach (Passover) starts with the seder on Monday night - probably the high point in the Jewish year.

After the last week's events here's a song asking God to watch over and remember us. There's still time for the Messiah to come and the Pesach sacrifice to be brought on Monday in a rebuilt Temple. We have to want it to happen badly enough.

Here's Mordechai Ben David from an apartment overlooking the Temple Mount.

Let's go to the videotape. The words (in Hebrew, English and Spanish - I did a little bit of editing on the English) follow.


Elohím Tzebaót shúb ná
[Elokim of Hosts, please return;]
[Elokim de los Ejércitos, vuelve ahora]

habbét mishamáin ur-é, ufkód guéfen zót
[look down from heaven, and watch and remember this vine]
[mira desde el cielo, y observa y acuérdate de esta vid]

Vejanná ahér - nateá ieminéja, veál-bén immátzta láj.
[And remember, the base ( "Land of Yisrael") on which Thy right hand planted, and the Son ( "People of Yisrael") you took as yours.]
[Y acuerdate de la base("Tierra de Yisrael") sobre la que Tu diestra la plantó, y del vástago("Pueblo de Yisrael") que consolidaste para Ti.]


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When do you sleep?


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