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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama gets with the regime change program

Nine months after the Iranian revolution took to the streets, President Obama suddenly seems to understand that regime change is necessary. There's only one small problem. Obama seems to want to apply regime change to Israel and not to Iran.
As we’ve noted here before, the Obami’s temper tantrum looks especially unwarranted given the particulars of this situation. (”Israeli anxieties about America’s role as an honest broker in any diplomacy won’t be assuaged by the Administration’s neuralgia over this particular housing project, which falls within Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries and can only be described as a ’settlement’ in the maximalist terms defined by the Palestinians.”) Perhaps this is a pretext for regime change (i.e., to go after Bibi). Maybe this is the undisciplined and very thin-skinned Obami demonstrating their lack of professionalism. Or maybe this is par for the course — courting our enemies while squeezing our friends.
And you have to wonder what all those people who told us not to worry about Obama, and that he really was pro-Israel are thinking.
If they’re honest, those who vouched for Obama’s superior temperament and his pro-Israel bona fides must be embarrassed. For those of us who suspected that this president lacked a fundamental attachment to Israel, critical national-security experience, and a full appreciation for why we don’t have “peace” in the Middle East (it’s not housing sites, especially ones clearly within the Jewish state in any future two-state deal), there’s little comfort in saying, “We told you so.”
Yes, but my guess is that most of them are in denial and will continue to vote Democratic anyway. After all, aren't the Democrats a Jewish party? No?


At 11:14 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Neither Obumbler nor the Europeans understand the depth of Jewish attachment to Jerusalem. The Jews died in two wars against Rome to maintain their freedom. And they will do the same in our own day as well.


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