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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Makan attacked for coming to Israel

Kaspian Makan, the fiancee of Iranian martyr Neda Soltan, is under attack at PBS's Tehran Bureau page for coming to Israel (that's him pictured with President Shimon Peres).
It is not clear why Makan chose to journey to Israel, let alone meet with a top Israeli power. Neda's mother, Hajar Rostami Motlagh, has made public her futile attempts to dissuade her once-to-be son in law. According to a report, she told him, "If Neda were alive, she would not have gone to Israel. I don't see why you should." Motlagh accused Makan of "misusing Neda's name" and "wrongly calling himself a representative of the Iranian nation." She added, "Makan had no right in doing so... and I told him you ruined your image by going to Israel as Israel does not have any respect (or place) among Iranians....please let Neda's soul be at peace."

Makan introduced himself to Peres as a representative of the Iranian nation. For a man so silent on political and post-election issues, it is not clear how he could establish himself as ambassador to the entire Iranian nation. Especially while visiting Israel, a move seemingly designed to incite his compatriots given the sensitivity to Israel held by many Iranians, both reformist and hardliner. Until Makan comes out and explains his motives and the details of his trip to Israel, a great many important questions about his trip, not to mention its potential consequences, remain unanswered.

A few non-Jewish Iranians daring to travel to Israel returned to face IRI's wrath, most notably the famous blogger Hossein Derakhshan. While Derakhshan did not meet Shimon Peres or other ranking Israelis, it is widely believed that his trip to Israel was one of the factors behind his detention upon his return to Iran. He has been in prison without a court hearing ever since, and according to his brother, "Our family does not even know of any official charge against him."

Knowing the efforts of the Iranian government to cast doubt over Neda's death, it is hard to believe that Makan went to Israel to raise positive publicity for the Iranian Green Movement, or on behalf of the Iranian people. One can only assume that he was aware of two facts: first, that Neda's name and image are internationally iconic for opposition movement. Second, Israel is not a good place to discuss issues of freedom and human right abuses occurring in Iran unless you are siding with the enemy of your own country. Taking these points into account, the task of deciphering a conceivable explanation for what impelled Makan to Israel, except for perhaps the insanity of hubris, becomes ever more difficult.
Read the whole thing.

So who is more representative of how the Green's feel about Israel? Makan or his detractors?


At 9:54 PM, Blogger biorabbi said...

Carl, I think there is a split decision. I read this blog you noted on Tehran B.

It seems some of the resistance is with ties with Israel, a probably larger amount desire some cold peace, and there are those antagonistic with Israel, perhaps afraid of this issue being used by the Islamic regime against them.

This raises a much larger point. For the "greens" to be scared of the "anti-Israel card" to be used against them shows the anti-semitism perhaps endemic among large swaths of the country. Vicious anti-semitism since '79 has taken her toll.

There reverse can be seen in the United States. The Andrew Sullivans of the world bemoan the power of "The Lobby" in the supposed pro-Israeli congress, White House(perhaps a bad example lately), the media ect... in support of Israel. The Walts, The Mersheimers, Andrew Sullivan's 180 flip on Israel et al. fail to realize the power of "The Lobby" is a simple reflection of grass roots support for Israel. It is my belief that anti-semitism deludes this truth or somehow corrupts this truth.

At 10:57 PM, Blogger Chrysler 300M said...

A`djad must be destroyed, am yisrael chai


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