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Monday, March 01, 2010

How's that 'engagement' with Syria going Barack?

President Obama's 'engagement' with Syria is not going well. On Friday, the State Department called in the Syrian ambassador to ask that Syria 'immediately' stop supplying arms to Hezbullah after that was all Ehud Barak could talk about in Washington. It seems unlikely that request will be fulfilled.

And last week's visit to Damascus by Under Secretary of State William Burns was apparently a disaster.
Haaretz has learned that Burns' visit to Damascus ended unsatisfactorily for the U.S. administration. During Burns' meeting with Assad, the Syrian leader denied all American claims that his regime was providing military aid to terrorists in Iraq, or to Hezbollah and Palestinian terror groups.

Assad essentially told Burns that he had no idea what the American was talking about.
Read the whole thing.

What could go wrong?


At 4:15 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

I feel it was a good thing Obama defied the obvious by engaging Syria. It backfired! Appeasement always does.

Let's be realistic however. The previous administration 'somewhat' shunned Syria (through smoke and mirrors) while talking tough. Many toothless condemnations were lobed at Syria by Bush but nothing that actually caused Syria to turn a corner for the good.

Today we see Syria as bold and unafraid as ever!

Both roads lead to the same place. We need leaders with tough actions. We need leaders who are fearless in actually crushing terrorist regimes.

Bush called Syria a terrorist state while today Assad is as strong as ever.

Obama reached out and got his face slapped.

Both strategies were bereft in courage to face off with Syria due to weak misguided ideologies. Both strategies failed because both leaders lack(ed) the will to confront evil. (for the good of the world and the "security" of Israel they claim(ed) is/was of the utmost importance)

In the time the UN and world leaders have spent scolding Israel, virtually the most minute amount of time was spent in mere talk to bring Assad to justice for the crimes he has committed.


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