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Monday, March 08, 2010

Good news: 'Thousands' of 'Palestinians' to use Route 443

Back in December, the Supreme Court ruled that Israel must open Route 443 between Jerusalem and Modiin to 'Palestinians.' At the time, the IDF estimated that a few hundred 'Palestinians' per day would use Route 443. That estimate has now risen to 'thousands.'

The IDF proposed protecting travelers on the road by putting four new roadblocks in place. Adding to the two that exist already, that means that there will be six roadblocks in a 14-kilometer stretch of road. Not to worry. With 'thousands' of 'Palestinian' cars on the road, no one will be going anywhere fast on it anyway.

Last week, there was a shooting attack on the road at an IDF outpost. The shooter was caught. He was from the 'moderate' Fatah organization of Abu Mazen. Imagine that there may be tens or even hundreds of shooters among the 'thousands' of 'Palestinian' cars on the road on any given day.

What could go wrong?


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