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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A dangerous freeze

A major road in the Gush Etzion area has no cellular service, and the Defense Ministry is refusing to repair the cellular service due to the 'settlement freeze.'
A major road in Gush Etzion is disconnected from cellular access, even for the IDF. MK Amsalem demanded the dangerous flaw be corrected. The Defense Ministry responded: "The freeze also applies to this."
When someone, God forbid, is killed on that road because they cannot reach the security forces, I trust the Defense Minister will take the blame.

Just kidding. Of course he won't.

The picture at the top is an old picture of the city of Efrat (and I'm old enough to remember when the entire city was one mobile home on the top right of that mountain).


At 5:31 PM, Blogger Ashan said...

How can the freeze be applied here? Nothing is to be built. Fixing the cellular connection is a humanitarian act. Liberal, and usually wrong-headed Defense Minister Barak should be flooded with calls, emails and protests.


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