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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Contiguous or not contiguous?

I've discussed the question of whether the 'Palestinian state' - if there ever is one - ought to be contiguous or not and what that means for Israel. I last discussed it here.

Is Joe Biden playing both sides of that question? Here's what he told the 'Palestinians' in Ramallah on Wednesday:
US Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday the Palestinians deserve a "viable" independent state with contiguous territory, seeking to reassure them of US support after the Interior Ministry on Tuesday approved a plan to expand the Jewish Ramat Shlomo neighborhood in east Jerusalem.


"The United States pledges to play an active as well as a sustainable role in these talks," Biden said. He stressed the Palestinians deserve an independent state that is "viable and contiguous," meaning the territory should not be broken up by Israeli settlement enclaves.
And here's what he told Israelis in Tel Aviv on Thursday:
Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the US vice president called for a two-states solution, saying that peace with Palestinians is "profoundly" in Israel's interest, and stressing that Washington is committed to Israel's security.

"From my experience, the one precondition for progress is that the rest of the world knows this - there is no space between the US and Israel when it comes to security - none. That's the only time that progress has been made," he said.

Biden went on to say that the "status-quo is not sustainable," because Israel could not remain a Jewish state while the Arabs population continues to grow and a Palestinian state has not been established.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas and PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad are both real partners for peace, Biden said, urging Israel to seize the opportunity to achieve real peace with the Palestinians.
And here's more:
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says "good faith negotiations" can recognize Israeli security needs and the Palestinian goal for a viable state.

Biden is urging Israel to make a serious attempt to reach peace with the Palestinians. He says an agreement is "profoundly" in the interest of both Israelis and Palestinians.

In a speech at Tel Aviv University on Thursday, Biden also repeatedly voiced Washington's commitment to Israel's security, trying to allay any concerns the Jewish state might have.

But he also said an end to the conflict would restore to the Palestinians "the fundamental dignity and self-respect that their current predicament denies them."
I haven't seen a transcript yet, but I recall him saying 'viable' again this morning, but not 'contiguous.'


By the way, whether or not it's contiguous, a 'Palestinian state' in Judea and Samaria - even in all of Judea and Samaria - would not be economically viable. It would be resource poor and lacking transport facilities. That's yet another elephant in the room that's being ignored.


The full text of Biden's remarks is here. The word 'contiguous' is nowhere to be found.



At 4:23 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

Every President speaks of the deep friendship between Israel and the U.S. They speak of the great importance of Israels' security.

They all fail to sign the embassy act. Even those who claim deep friendship make bad on their promise;failed responsibility. This means each president believes Jerusalem is not the undivided capital of Israel.

Did anyone wonder what the grave consequences to Israel would be by refusing to put pen to paper?

They all rail like broken records about settlement activity KNOWING that land is the LAND OF ISRAEL. Ha ha, laughing my brains out on Biden claiming only a "friend" can be honest with a "friend" in reference to Israel concerning "settlement" activity.

This leads me to two (very ominous) words, contiguous and viable.

None of this began with the self-imploding, Islamist arch narcissist Obama. The words contiguous, viable and independent state have been repeated more times then the number of days Obama has been in office. Worse they have been repeated in front of arch enemies of Israel to the world more times then I care to count.

Each president ran with the gauntlet of lies and whitewashing behind the train they themselves pushed out of the station. They repeat the same words with the same fervor and finger pointing and they do it with a straight face. At the end of the day they and their phony peace making cohorts sleep without a drop of compunction or sorrow for the lies which they have perpetuated.

I only wish we were not in slumber when Bush was president and he and both his Secretaries of State repeated the same slanders. I wish this for the outrage was like a mere ripple on the sea.

Yesterday the EU decided to adopt the Goldstone report. The EU is one of three US led (appointed by President Bush) partners for peace.

We have been railroaded. We have been taken by the neck and thrown into corners no country has ever witnessed. We virtually have no friends in high places despite the claim from those fair weather friends to the contrary. Worse, we continue to take their word for their promises just because they are of our political persuasion.

Lies build like end stage cancer. I fear for Israel because in the end the Palestinians will have their state. Just like health care in the US Obama is not going to back down. This one will not leave office without the prize.

...and heaven above help us for the consequences of that.

We rested on the laurels of a mere phony friendship from the President prior to Obama. No protests, no condemnations in editorials, pretty much next to nothing. Now we are at the next train stop and we are screwed.

At 7:26 PM, Blogger Neshama said...

Carol Glick summed Biden up well.
And I say he speaks with fork tongue!
Do not trust this man, as he's speaking for u nO whO.

At 7:32 PM, Blogger trumpeldor said...

'The "Palestinians" deserve an independent state '

WHY ???????????

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Carl in Jerusalem said...


You want catch me saying that the 'Palestinians' deserve an independent 'state.' But that doesn't mean I can't point out the inconsistencies in the arguments of those who would like to give them one.


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