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Thursday, March 11, 2010

CJP Boston: Even dumber than we thought

Last week, I reported that CJP - Boston, the local Jewish federation, has been funding the anti-Israel activities of George Soros' NGO's. Hillel Stavis of Solomonia now takes that story one step further. CJP is also apparently funding the Sommerville Divestment Project, one of the most virulently anti-Israel local groups in the United States.
When we did our original analysis of The Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston cash grants to organizations that demonstrated extreme animus towards Israel (Guess Who's Dining at CJP's Trough?, What We Should Expect From CJP) -- and in some cases -- advocated the dissolution of the Jewish State - we missed possibly the most extreme, anti-Israel group of all - The Haymarket People's Fund. This group maintains an extremist agenda against Israel.

The Haymarket People's Fund has bankrolled the Somerville Divestment Project (SDP) for years. They have tried in vain to convince the voters of that city close to Boston to:
Reduce the military and political support given to Israel by the U.S. in order to end the military occupation of Palestine and instead have their country support human rights of Palestinians including the Right of Return. They use grassroots organizing and education to advocate for human rights of all Palestinians.

Most shockingly of all, while the Boston Jewish Community Relations Council was participating in the campaign opposing the Somerville Divestment Project, its parent, the CJP, was funding (most likely, indirectly) the SDP through the Haymarket grant! Even if the grant was earmarked for another Haymarket project, the overall, intensely anti-Israel nature of the charity should have been recognized. After all, no mainstream Jewish philanthropy would fund Hamas' "social service" wing and then claim that no money was given to the "military" wing.

Of course, we don't believe that CJP is anti-Israel. They fund and organize wonderful and indispensable programs in Haifa and other Israeli cities. They support strongly pro-Zionist organizations directly and through their Donor Advised Funds as we have noted. They were instrumental in defeating the SDP ballot initiative.

But who's minding the store at 126 High Street? Spending roughly one minute googling Haymarket People's Fund will reveal their extreme, anti Israel agenda. Funding an organization like Haymarket is beyond the pale. Can you imagine the NAACP funding a white supremacist organization?
Read the whole thing (yes, there's more).


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