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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Australia likely to expel an Israeli diplomat

With Britain having expelled an Israeli diplomat, it now appears likely that Australia will follow suit.
Only Australia and Britain sent their own investigators to Israel to look into the forged passport allegations, and as a result it is expected that Canberra, too, will need to publish their findings in a report, and the Australian government will need to draw conclusions.

“This issue is now a rolling stone,” one official said of the British government’s decision on Tuesday to expel an Israeli diplomat, believed to be the Mossad’s representative in London.


Australian Foreign Minister Stephen Smith would not say on Wednesday, in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio, whether Canberra would take action similar to that taken by the British government.

“To make any commentary or remarks about what the United Kingdom government has done would necessarily cut across our own investigation and what decisions we might make,” Smith said. “Suffice to say we are treating this matter very seriously. Israel understands that and when I receive the report, we’ll make judgments which will be in Australia’s national interest.”
There's also a roundup of British press reactions to the expulsion. The sin wasn't killing Mabhouh or using the passports - it was getting caught. Assuming the Mossad did it, I am sure they didn't intend to be caught and that they will make sure they are not caught the next time. Read the whole thing.


At 2:56 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl - no one has proof the Mossad ran the operation and the fact the names of people on the passports coincide with the names of some Jews living in Israel who happen to hold dual nationality passports proves nothing.

I'm sure the UK's evidence is of the sort that would never hold up in a court of law and even the Dubai police investigation appears to have reached a dead end.



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