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Sunday, March 07, 2010

An Arab-American tells the US to forget the 'Palestinians'

This link is actually two articles, with the top one being a response to the bottom one. The top one is written by Youssef Ibrahim, an Arab American. The bottom one is written by Israeli Leftist Uri Avnery. For the most part, Ibrahim is spot-on.
Speaking as an Arab-American and more important, as a taxpayer in these USA, I do not want any more of my money wasted playing peace maker in the Mideast. The USA accomplished peace between two Arab countries and Israel. To help keep that peace, the USA agreed to pay a ''bribe'' -- or financial aid to Israel, Egypt and Jordan which so far added up to more than $ 150 billion since 1979 : $ 3 billion (with a B) to Israel per year; $ 2 billion (with a B) to Egypt per year since 1979 ; and more than $ 200 million (with an m) per year to Jordan.

And what did the USA get in return? Read and watch the Arab media.

Everyday, Al Jazeera, Al Ahram, the Jordanian papers and the UAE Television daily, Moroccon news, Algerian news agencies , all , call the USA the ''enemy of Islam'' , the '' imperialist neo-colonial superpower'' , a ''nation of infidels’’.

Americans Christians and Jews are regularly referred to -- in every Muslim mosque every Friday-- as as ‘’sons of pigs and monkeys’’ .

Save for Israel the rest of the Middle East is of no strategic value today to the USA. This id 2010 not the 1950s. In fact, we can strategically state that if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not resolved for another 100 years, nothing at all will happen. Nothing at all expect a few more wars that do not affect US interests at all.

As for those Arabs -- and Europeans -- who so hate Jews and want Israeli wiped off the map, why don't they do it, if they can?

We will be glad to watch who wins the nexty wars as we watched in 1956 , in 1967 and in 1973 in which Arabs lost more and more lands. If some folks think Israel was beaten by Hizbollah in 2006 , why do they not fact check that the Lebanese who did not think they won anything and watch their country being destroyed.

And if the Palestinians of Gaza think they humiliated Israel in the last invasion, why does Hamas not attack Israel again with rockets? They have been rather quiet ever since. Arab people should stop fooling themselves.

Israel is here to stay. The West , even the Europeans, will not allow any combination of Arabs or Iranians to cross a red line.

The Palestinians will continue to try and drag more Arabs into loosing war after war as they did with Egypt and Jordan, but in the meanwhile the only piece of land they will have left to negotiate an independent state is shrinking by the week. In the end, when Palestinians are ready to say yes, maybe in a hundred years, they may only be negotiating on a small national park outside the mayor's home in Ramallah , the place where their current leader Abu Mazen lives. Uri, my friend, If the dispute has waited all that time -- 2000 year plus-- I do not see why we are in hurry. Your grandson can still write about it in 100 years. Relax.
Read it all.


At 5:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uri Avneri makes me laugh. I met him last year and throughout our interview all he did was praise Arab culture and architecture; and denigrating the Jewish language and Israeli architecture.

In short, he said that because the arabs had remained on the land for thousands of years their buildings were suited to the area whereas the Israelis' buildings come from Europe and do not belong here. Which is pathetic

And arabic was such a rich and wonderful language. "The Hebrew language stopped developing thousands of years ago; it is very poor."

Another self-hating Jew; with a picture of himself and Arafat prominently displayed in his lounge.


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