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Friday, February 05, 2010

Too good to check: How much land will $4 million buy in the World's biggest sinkhole?

This is yet another story of your tax dollars at work.

You - and I - pay millions of dollars in taxes every month that are turned over to the 'Palestinian Authority' to finance its Jew hatred and its leaders' Swiss bank accounts. The 'World' considers this to be okay, because the 'Palestinian Authority' is run by the good terrorists from Fatah and not by the bad terrorists from Hamas.

Two and a half years ago, Hamas kicked Fatah out of the Gaza Strip. After Fatah left, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh found some buried treasure: $4 million in cash. And now he's putting it to good use. Come on, you don't think he's using it for some of those poor, impoverished Gazans the mainstream media keeps telling you about, do you? Of course not. He's buying a plot of land on which to build a home palace. For himself. He thought he could hide it from you by doing it in his son's name. Well, so much for that.

How much land does $4 million buy in the World's biggest sinkhole? (Yes, I wanted to use a different word, but this is a family-safe blog). Enough for a palace.

One small grain of salt: The source of the report is 'Palestinian Authority' media. But this is too good to check.
The report, in the independent Kafiyeh network, claims that Hamas Gaza kingpin Ismail Haniyeh has bought property worth $4 million in Gaza and apparently intends to build there. The purchase is reportedly registered in the name of one of his sons.

Haniyeh has reportedly purchased real estate for his family members as well, including an apartment for his wife.

The source for the report is an unnamed person who is close to Haniyeh. The source said he was astonished to learn of the sums Haniyeh is paying for the property, in view of the fact that when he was Sheikh Ahmed Yasin's bureau manager, he made do with a meager salary that barely sufficed for his family's survival.

One speculation cited in the news item is that the money fell into Hamas's hands when it took over Gaza from the forces of rival terror group Fatah.
Well, you didn't expect him to live on a 'meager salary' forever, did you? After all, how credible would he be without a finely tailored suit and cheap Egyptian shoes?


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Sounds like a target rich environment!!!!


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