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Thursday, February 11, 2010

NY Times: Time's up for Iran

Even the New York Times now says that enough is enough.
Enough is enough. Iran needs to understand that its nuclear ambition comes with a very high cost.

President Obama said on Tuesday that the United States and its allies are “moving along fairly quickly” on a new sanctions resolution. He also said it would take several weeks to draft a proposal. That is not reassuring. Once a resolution is written, the negotiating process typically drags on for weeks, if not months.


The more the Security Council temporizes, compromises and weakens these resolutions, the more defiant and ambitious Iran becomes. If the Security Council can’t act swiftly, or decisively, the United States and its allies will have to come up with their own tough sanctions. They should be making a backup plan right now.
Read the whole thing.

When the sanctions don't work or aren't implemented quickly enough, will the Times back military action?

Dream on - there's not a mention of it. The Times and America's Left are where they should have been a year ago on the fierce moral urgency (no scare quotes) of stopping Iran. Sadly, they were more concerned with other matters in both the domestic and foreign spheres. History will not look kindly upon them.


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

<hi Carl.
BBC is reporting that Iran has enriched uranium of 20% this is breaking news :latest,more to come.
Shows how much you can trust this "man".


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