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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Napolitano goes into partnership with Islamic terrorists

In the early days of Oslo, when Yasser Arafat wanted to convince everyone that he was fighting terror without fighting terror, he claimed that the best way to stop the terrorists was to turn them into terror fighters. So he made them all 'Palestinian policemen' and put them on the 'Palestinian Authority' payroll. We all saw what a disaster that was when the 'intifadeh' - led by 'Palestinian police' - started in earnest in 2000. Worse, the Israeli security forces cooperated with the 'Palestinians' in joint patrols and information exchanges that blew up in our faces when the 'intifadeh' started. It took four years of terror bombings before the Israeli security forces recovered.

US Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano has been suckered (I hope and not that she's doing it on purpose) into trying something similar. Napolitano met last month with some of the leaders of Islamist terror organizations to try to convince them to 'partner' with the US government. Unfortunately, no, I'm not kidding.
Although there is no evidence of an exchange of classified information, this meeting was the beginning of an Obama administration program aimed at devising a new information-sharing framework with the Muslim organizations — some of them regarded as extremist because of their ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The group is to meet regularly with DHS senior aides and with Napolitano. This program was imported from the United Kingdom. The Obama administration has decided to replicate the UK program to win over Muslims and to get them to collaborate with the federal government.

Although Matthew Chandler, deputy press secretary and spokesman for Secretary Napolitano, refused to comment on the meetings or identify the groups that attended the two-day session, Pajamas Media has learned the identities of a number of the participants and interviewed them — including those linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The program requires bringing in Muslim groups as “partners” in a two-way information sharing program.
It gets worse.

Read the whole thing.

What could go wrong?


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