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Friday, February 19, 2010

Kuwaiti newspaper fined for pro-Israel ad

In much of the world outside North America and Europe, the International Herald Tribune, which is published by the New York Times, is included with one of the local daily newspapers. Here in Israel it comes with the English-language version of Haaretz. In Kuwait, it comes with al-Watan.

During Operation Cast Lead, the Anti-Defamation League took out an ad in the New York Times urging support for Israel, and it was reprinted in the Herald Tribune. In Kuwait, no one looked at the Herald Tribune before throwing it into al-Watan, and as a result, al-Watan's readers (or the readers of its English-language version, if there is one) received a copy of the ADL ad asking people to support Israel.

Al-Watan has now been fined 3,000 dinars ($10,400) for this 'crime.'
Al-Watan's lawyer, Rashid al-Radaan, told AFP that he has challenged the verdict at the appeals court, saying that the newspaper did not deliberately allow the printing of the advertisement.

"The printing of this advert was not done on purpose," he said, adding that the IHT goes directly to the press without being checked by Al-Watan.

Three Kuwaiti lawyers sued Al-Watan Daily although the paper had issued an apology to its readers for running the advertisement.
Notice how it never occurs to anyone in Kuwait or at AFP (which wrote the story) just how ridiculous this is. But they will magically love us if we give the 'Palestinians' Judea and Samaria. Right....


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