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Friday, February 12, 2010

Iran to get a seat on the 'Human Rights Council'?

Claudia Rosett reports that Iran is running for a seat on the 'Human Rights Council.'
While Iran's regime bloodies its dissidents, the nuclear weapons-loving mullahs are seeking a treat for themselves at the United Nations: Iran is running for a seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Utterly perverse though it would be, Iran might snag that prize. The 47 seats on the Geneva-based Human Rights Council are parceled out among regional groups of U.N. member states. This year the Asian bloc has four seats opening up. Five contenders have stepped forward: Malaysia, Maldives, Qatar, Thailand--and Iran. The winners will be chosen in May, by secret ballot of the 192-member U.N. General Assembly--a notoriously thug-friendly body, run this year by a former foreign minister of Libya.
Wouldn't that be a great reward for the way Iran has treated its people! Jennifer Rubin adds:
This development — indeed the potential of this ever coming to pass — should remind us how inept and foolhardy has been Obama’s engagement policy as well as his decision to rejoin the UN Human Rights Council. Rossett notes that on February 15, a report detailing Iran’s atrocities will come before the Council along with the mullahs’ own “Orwellian” report “claiming metiulous respect for human rights, as redefined by Tehran’s lights — arguing that because ‘the system of government in Iran is based on principles of Islam, it is necessary that Islamic standards and criteria prevail in society.’” It is a preview of things to come.

And from the Obami, can we expect robust opposition to Iran’s membership, a principled walk-out should Iran secure its seat, and a re-statement of our determination to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapon? No, no! That would only send the democracy protesters rushing into the arms of the regime and fritter away all the goodwill we have racked up (doing nothing to aid them), don’t you see? Welcome to the Alice-in-Wonderland diplomacy of the Obami. Feel safer yet?
You will recall that President Obumbler went into the 'Human Rights Council' after President Bush refused to do so, because Obama felt he could bring about change by 'working from within.' He's bringing about change alright - a change for the worse.

What could go wrong?

By the way, the goose-steppers up top are from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps.


At 5:35 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

A country that incites genocide, that shoots down its own in cold blood who want freedom and whose idea of human rights is to deprive minorities of the rights would get to be the guardian of human rights on the planet! The whole thing would be funny if wasn't so Orwellian. Then that's in keeping with the character of the UNHRC whose obsession is with one of the least offensive countries in the world: Israel.


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