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Monday, February 08, 2010


Here are some statistics pertaining to Israel's 'blockade' of Gaza.
In the classic novel "1984," author George Orwell gives this famous example of how language is manipulated:. "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength." What then would Orwell call "blockade"?

A generally accepted definition of a blockade might be "the isolating of a place.... preventing entrance or exit..." (Random House).

That would mean that there is no blockade on a border where:

724,925 tons of humanitarian aid travels from one side of the border to another. (January 19 2009 and January 16 2010.)

It would also not be a blockade if 29 millions gallons of diesel fuel is shipped from one side of a border to another to provide a generating station with the energy to produce electricity. (same dates)

It also isn't a blockade if 18,500 people went from one side of a border to another to travel overseas.

Nor would there be a blockade in place if 1.3 million flowers were shipped over the border to European markets where they were sold along with 41 tons of strawberries and other commodities sent with them.

It also couldn't be a place that was 'blockaded' if 10,346 residents from one place traveled to the other to receive hospital care not available to them on their side of the border.

Monetary payments would also likely not flow between a place blockaded and one doing the blockade. Yet $6.7 million passed from one place to the other on January 24th of this year in the same way other funds have been distributed before. In the main they were social security type payments and pensions.
Some 'blockade.' Read the whole thing.


At 6:13 PM, Blogger nomatter said...

The world is not interested in quibbling over what consists of a blockade especially when it comes to demonizing Israel. Better for them to tout falsehoods! Matter of fact much of our world leaders are well aware this supposed blockade is a sham to make Israel look bad and the Palestinians continue to look impoverished, hungry,occupied, ravished and trampled upon. What does that tell you?

My goodness if there was nothing left to blame on Israel how then could antisemitism be vented?

Bottom line, no one gives two cents for numbers let alone truth. Numbers might lead to truth and truth absolves guilt. Who in the world desires truth when it comes to upholding Jews?

To quote Orwell:
"Don't bother me with facts. Don't disturb me with complexities. Don't try to make me think. Ignorance is strength."

I don't know what reaction or definition Orwell would give for a blockade but I know he would say the above quote is the primary ingredient for sustaining ones agenda. And as long as that agenda continues, Jews and Israel will continue to be demonized.

After all, peace in the ME has been placed squarely on the shoulders of Israel. (not by ignorant, uneducated men and woman either!!) Think about it.


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