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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

BBC recognizes Egypt's role in Gaza 'blockade'?

Just Journalism has published a study that shows that the BBC is recognizing Egypt's role in the 'blockade' of Gaza. In the past, the 'blockade' was blamed solely on Israel; now both countries' roles are likely to be recognized, which is at least more accurate. The BBC declined to answer questions about its policies regarding the Gaza 'blockade.'
I believe that if the BBC has changed its tune, it's part of the fallout from the 'Gaza Freedom March' in which Egypt kept most of the marchers out of Gaza and eventually declared British legislator George Galloway persona non grata. Those two factors made the Egyptian role harder to ignore.

If you look at the study, you will see that the first month in which there were more references to an 'Israeli-Egyptian blockade' than to an 'Israeli blockade' was December 2009. That's when the 'Gaza Freedom March' reached Egypt.


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