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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why Jordan should be worried about Iran

On Tuesday, I reported that Jordanian intelligence deemed it likely that Iran had ordered last Thursday night's roadside bomb attack on a convoy transporting employees of the Israeli embassy in Amman home for the weekend. In an analysis in Wednesday's JPost, Jonathan Spyer explains why the Jordanians ought to be seriously concerned about Iranian subversion and terror attacks taking place in the 'Kingdom.'
The small and fragile kingdom is separated from Iran only by Iraq - a particular focus of interest for the Revolutionary Guard.

According to Iranian opposition sources, the staff at the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad includes at least five senior Revolutionary Guard officers. The embassy is considered to constitute an important center for coordinating intelligence and military activity against coalition forces in Iraq.

The US will, of course, soon be withdrawing from Iraq. A weak, chaotic, Shi'ite-dominated Iraq, heavily penetrated by the Revolutionary Guard, would be a nightmare scenario for Jordan. It would bring Iran, its influence, its ambitions and its methods right up to the borders of the kingdom.

The means used for last week's attack - a roadside bomb - carried disturbing echoes of Iraq.

Against this background, King Abdullah has been among the regional leaders most vociferously seeking to warn the world of the dangers of Iran's drive for regional hegemony.
Yet another reason why the 'moderate Arab states' want Iran's nuclear capability removed.

What could go wrong?


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