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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stupid Jews: My old hometown votes for Coakley

Shavua tov, a good week to everyone.

I grew up in Newton, Mass. and went to school in Brookline, Mass. Most of the people in those towns are simply not capable of pulling the ballot for Republicans under any imaginable circumstances.

Shmuel Rosner reports that the vast majority of Newton and Brookline voted for Marcia Martha Coakley on Tuesday.
Rosner reader Daniel from Boston writes:

"A friend of mine, traveling through Boston, had told me that he encountered many liberal Jewish Bostonians voting for Brown". Mr Rosner, you may find the following interesting. Brookline and Newton are about 40 - 50% Jewish and overwhelmingly liberal. In Brookline Martha Coakley beat Scott Brown 74% - 25%, in Newton 67% 32%. I don't believe liberal Jews are switching religions so fast…. see the link below (that's a NYT interactive map).
In fact, the two towns are as moonbatty as ever. NY Nana sent me this story about how Newton's Aldermen killed a measure that would have had the city housing Gitmo terrorists.
In an anticlimax to a week of outrage, Newton aldermen unanimously voted to take no action on a controversial resolution to welcome a Guantanamo detainee to the city.

At a meeting of the full board Tuesday night, the Programs and Services Committee substituted their original approval of the resolution with the No Action Necessary designation. The switch was greeted with applause from the approximately 80 people in the audience, as was the vote of the full board that killed the proposal without an up or down vote. The matter was disposed of in ten minutes.

But while attendees were happy the resolution was no longer on the table, they were still upset at the aldermen who proposed and approved it.

“It’s outrageous to even bring this question before the board … all of us in Newton are ashamed now,” said Mikhail Gershteyn after the meeting. “Every official who brought it should be recalled.”

The resolution, docketed by Aldermen Stephen Linsky and Ted Hess-Mahan, called for the city to ask Congress to allow Guantanamo detainees into the country and for the city to specifically welcome Abdul Aziz Naji, a 34-year-old Algerian, to Newton should he be cleared to enter the United States. Two Newton attorneys, Doris Tennant and Ellen Lubell, have been working pro bono for Naji while he’s been held in Guantanamo.
I wonder how many Haitian refugees these people would be willing to take. I'd bet it's less than the number of Gitmo terrorists.

/Berkeley East


At 7:07 PM, Blogger David_77 said...

Strange...you'd think being pro-Israel would count for something even with liberal Jews. Oh, never mind, they're the ones that think peace is possible with the "palestinians," aren't they?

At 12:50 AM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...


I guess I was a rarity; the child of Jewish Republican parents zt"l when we lived in Brighton, and then Newton. They never discussed politics with me, but when we were cleaning out the house after their death, their voting info came in the mail. An Aunt told me...it was like a secret the rest of the family kept.

My husband and I were Dems until Jimmy the Jew hater was in office 3 months. We left for good. We didn't register as Republicans until President Bush ran,as in NY indies cannot vote in a primary, and we have never looked back.

From what friends who live in the greater Boston tell me, You are exactly right:'Stupid Jews' indeed..

Right now, in some places, there seems to be buyers regret, but it is too late.

As for the greater Boston area? The family that still lives in Taxachusetts are still Dems, alas.

At 8:45 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Jews are reflexively liberal. As Don Feder, an Orthodox Jew who's lived in Boston all his life can tell you, Jews are more liberal than they are Jewish. The only Jews who vote like the rest of America are the Orthodox.


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