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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Overnight music video

There was actually something else I wanted to put on tonight, which is particularly appropriate for a newborn, but I was only able to find the music and not the words, and now I cannot even find that.

So here's Ana b'Koach.

Let's go to the videotape. An explanation follows.


Prayer/Words attributed to Rabbi Nechunia Ben Hakana, Tanna of the second half of 1st Century CE and teacher to Rabbi Akiva

Sung by http://www.hamama.co.il / http://www.hamama.co.il/homepage.htm (original song at the site)

(Original file from an e-mail attachment. Excerpts of information from the internet)


Ana B'Koach, Gedulat Ye'mincha - Tatir Tzerurah
We beg you! with the strength and greatness of Your right arm (Your Mighty Chesed/loving kindness) -Untangle our knotted fate.

Kabel Rinat, Amchah Sagveinu-Tahareinu NORAH
Accept your people's song, elevate and purify us.

Nah GIBOR, Dorshe Yichudchah, K'Vavat Shamreim
Please, Heroic One, those who pursue Your uniqueness-guard them as the pupil of an eye.

Barchem Taharem, Rachamei Tzidkatcha-Tamid Gamlem
Bless them, purify them, show them compassion, may Your righteousness always recompense them.

CHASIN KADOSH, B'rov Tuvcha-Naheil Adatecha
Powerful One, Holy One, with the abundance of Your Goodness guide Your congregation.

YACHID GEYEH, L'amechah P'nei-Zochrei Kedushatecha
Unique One, Exalted One, face Your people, those who proclaim Your Holiness.

Shavateinu Kabel, U'shmah Tza'akateinu-
Our entreaty, accept, and hear our cry, O Knower of hidden things.

About Ana B'Ko'ach

The Ana B'Ko'ach prayer is mainly known to be recited on Friday evening during the Kabbalat (welcoming) Shabbbat Service as well as Yom Kippur. The Ana B'Ko'ach is concluded with a quiet "Baruch Shem K'vod Malchutoh L'Olam Va'ed" - (Blessed is the Name of the Glory of His Kingship, forever and ever.)


Acronym for "B'Siyata D'shmayah" (בסיעתא דשמיא), Arameic for With Help Of Heaven


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