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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Israeli survey: Stay married, it gets even better

This is off topic, but this is a week for this kind of post.

A survey done here in Israel reports that life as a couple improves after the age of 65.
The Third Age Conference, set for the Kinneret Academic College, near Kibbutz Ma'agan, on Wednesday will deal with the "couple life" of seniors and whether relationships strengthen with age. The discussion is to begin with the results of the poll, conducted for the college by the Geocartography Research Institute.

Those surveyed were asked, "In your opinion, does life as a couple (with all that implies) improve when one reaches the 'third age' (over 65) or deteriorate?"

Some 8.6 percent of men and 11.5% of women said that life as a couple "improved greatly" after age 65, while 32.4% of males and 43.1% of females felt it would "improve."

Overall, 54% of respondents felt there was at least some improvement.

The higher the education level, the more optimistic people get about "couple life" after 65.
Something to look forward to.

/Still relying on kids and grandkids to keep me young.


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