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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Iranian soccer chief apologizes for being civil to Jooos

The head of Iran's national soccer federation has issued a public apology for his director of foreign relations (since resigned) having sent New Year's greetings to the Israeli soccer federation.
“It was a big mistake sending an e-mail to Israel’s football federation,” Ali Kaffashian, president of the Iran Football Federation, said in a statement carried by the semi-official Mehrs News Agency. “However, I am sure the director of the foreign relations office didn’t do it on purpose.”

Kaffashian said Iran’s soccer league routinely sends New Year’s greetings to all members of FIFA, the sport’s global federation, except for Israel. Iran does not recognize Israel, which it dismisses as the “Zionist entity,” and the two countries’ teams do not meet in international competitions.
Someone please tell me whether this type of nonsense will stop if the Green Revolution wins.


At 3:58 PM, Blogger Chrysler 300M said...

the green revolution will not win, at least not for the next 5 yrs

after this the country might normalize

At 7:07 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Iranian regime is exceedingly paranoid and they were caught with their pants down.



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