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Friday, January 08, 2010

Iran posts banned web site list

Iran has posted a list of banned websites, which has been published in several Tehran newspapers.
They said the list, drawn up by a "committee of experts," bans any site that contains pornography, prostitution, sexual deviation or anything considered to be "contrary to the morals of society" in the Islamic republic.

Websites containing material "contrary to security and social peace" as well as those seen by the authorities as "hostile to government officials and institutions" bound to lead to "crimes" are also banned.

According to the list published in several Tehran newspapers, anyone found guilty of using such websites could be jailed for several years in line with a law on Internet "offences" passed in parliament more than a year ago.

Internet users are also prohibited from posting articles that violate "religious values," that "insult Islam and other recognised world religions, saints and prophets," the reports said.
You mean they can't post articles that insult Jooos? That's a good one. No wonder Ahmadinejad is afraid of a mouse (see picture above).

I wonder if Bezeq helped them draw up the list.



At 3:26 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Funny coming after Iran's New Years greetings to Israel. They needed to fix that oversight fast. You know - just in case the Joos' might try to subvert them again.



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