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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Iran ordered attack on Israeli convoy, smuggled explosives with diplomats

In the wee hours of last Friday morning, I posted about a roadside bomb attack on a convoy taking Israeli embassy employees home for the weekend from Amman, Jordan. Sources close to Jordan's General Intelligence Department are now reporting that the attack was ordered by Iran.

But then it gets even better.
The sources said the GID was investigating the possibility that the explosives used in the attack had been smuggled into the kingdom by Iranian diplomats.

The attack itself was apparently carried out by local al-Qaida supporters who received money and explosives from Iran, the sources said.

On Monday, Al-Arabiya reported that an Amman taxi driver was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the bombing.

According to the sources, the GID believes that the attack came in response to the killing of Iranian scientist Prof. Massoud Ali Muhammadi in Teheran last week. Ali Muhammadi was killed by a remote-controlled bomb on a motorcycle.


The sources in Amman pointed out that the attack on the Israeli diplomatic convoy had been carried out in a way similar to the assault on the slain Iranian professor.

"We can see Iran's fingerprints on the roadside bombing," the sources said. "The investigation is continuing in various directions."


Last year three Hamas activists were sentenced in Jordan to five years in prison for conducting surveillance of the Israeli Embassy in Amman.


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