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Sunday, January 03, 2010

IDF to destroy structures violating the 'settlement freeze'?

Revenants are issuing stark warnings that the IDF is poised to demolish structures built in Judea and Samaria in violation of the 'settlement freeze' as early as Sunday.
"We have warned all the settlements that this could happen," said Itzik Shadmi, who heads the Binyamin Citizens Committee.

An IDF document leaked to the media two weeks ago revealed a detailed plan under which the Border Police would demolish such structures as the IDF secured the perimeters of the sites.

On Friday, the Binyamin Citizens Committee received reliable information that such action could take place as early as Sunday, its spokesman said.

"We are ready any time to begin the second stage of the moratorium order," a defense official told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday night, but he did not specify a date when this would occur.

"The decision is in the hands of the political echelon," he said.
According to the article, while construction is permitted on some 3,000 units whose foundations had been laid before the 'settlement freeze,' there are some 1,000 units that have been begun 'illegally' since the 'settlement freeze' started at the end of November. (I put 'illegally' in scare quotes because the 'settlement freeze' was never brought to the Knesset).

Will see more scenes like the one above - my son's friend who was beaten by police at Amona four years ago? Is this why Israel elected a 'Right wing' government led by the Likud? I warned you.


At 2:32 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Carl, indeed. What is the point of Israelis electing a government of the Right that breaks its promises to its voters only to end up implementing the Left's policies?

What could go wrong indeed


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