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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hamas website offering reward to murder Israeli soldiers

YNet reports that a Hamas website is offering $500 rewards for proof of having deliberately murdered an IDF soldier.
"Kill the troops and get your money back. This is our motto." This message was sent Sunday to many Israelis via e-mail.

The message contained links to videos slandering Israel on the Youtube site, as well as a link to the www.kku4u.info website which offers a $500 reward for anyone who proves he intetionally murdered an Israel Defense Forces soldier by providing a photo and a news item.

It is not yet clear whether only Israelis had received the message or whether it was distributed to foreigners as well. The total number of recipients is also unclear. The site appears in Arabic and also features an English version, which was apparently translated from Arabic using an automatic translation tool in light of the many grammar mistakes.

The site details the steps one needs to take in order to win the cash prize which include providing a photo of the victim. In addition to suggestions for recommended weapons, the site states that the aim is to support the unemployed in Israel.

The only way to contact the administrators is through a contact form and the site doe not contain any details as to its founders or the organization supporting it.
YNet reports that the site is being hosted on Google. But I just tried going to the site and it did not open, so maybe it has been taken down already. Hopefully.


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