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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good news: Muslims and scientologists trying to proselytize in Haiti

Debbie Schlussel reports that Muslims and scientologists are attempting to proselytize among the desperate people in Haiti.
It’s a religious race and an apparent attempt to convert people by two cults (Muslims and Scientologists–one with a moongod at its center and the other with a failed science fiction writer as its founder and idol) at a time when people in Haiti are at their most desperate and looking for something to cling to. And although the efforts by Muslims (and the Scientologists) are weak in comparison to Israeli and American efforts to help these people, the religious groups’ efforts are clearly designed to get converts when they have nothing but faith to turn to. These are poor, uneducated people, and the last thing they need in this time of disaster is to be taken advantage of, er . . . “helped,” by Islamic proselytizers.

Islamic Relief Worldwide a/k/a Islamic Relief–which is heading up the paltry but proselytizing-focused efforts of Muslim charity to Haitians–is a group I’ve detailed on this site extensively and whose events I attended undercover. As I’ve noted, the group was founded by an immediate relative of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group. The charity is not only tied to Al-Qaeda, but it employed HAMAS operatives to head up and run its operations in the so-called Palestinian areas. Islamic Relief’s US registered agent and lawyer is the son of a Nazi Waffen SS officer, and he represented Islamic terrorists.


And, FYI, if you give to UNICEF, which is also raising money for relief efforts in Haiti, it’s the same as sending money to Islamic Relief. UNICEF sends a good deal of money to summer camps and youth programs run by HAMAS, and at which Palestinian kids are trained to support Islamic terrorism and anti-Semitism. You cannot be sure that a single dollar you send to UNICEF will actually go to Haiti, instead of those efforts. And even if it does, money is a fungible good. Any dollar you send to UNICEF helps free a dollar from Haiti relief to go to the Palestinian extremist indoctrination programs for kids.

And then there is the Church of Scientology.
Read the whole thing.

As far as I know, the picture is not from Haiti.


At 1:36 AM, Blogger Chrysler 300M said...

right, I donate to ZAKA and nobody else

At 4:58 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Good journalism requires quoting and referencing sources. This article does neither. I can make grand statements about this organization or the next, but without quotes (not taken out of context), video, etc., this is just tabloid journalism.


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