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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Egypt gets mad at Hamas and its supporters

On Friday, Egypt deported moonbat George Galloway and declared him persona non grata, which means he's not likely to be coming back to Gaza anytime soon. That's because the persona non grata declaration means that he can't come back to Egypt and hopefully Israel isn't stupid enough to let him in either (we can hope).

Meanwhile, across Egypt, Muslim Imams used their Friday sermons to launch attacks on Hamas, which may have been at the Egyptian government's request.
One, at a Cairo mosque, asked the gunman what he would tell his God "tomorrow." Another said that Egypt had sacrificed thousands for Palestine.

Yet another blamed Hamas for the ongoing besiegement of Gaza at the hands of Israel, saying its leaders wished to stay in power "even at the cost of the starvation and expulsion of their people." He added that the Palestinian gunman would go to hell if he does not repent.

The report quoted a source in Egypt's Ministry of Awqaf, which is in charge of religious endowments, who said the string of attacks on Hamas was coordinated by the Egyptian government. Officials in Cairo denied this.
Meanwhile, the rest of the 'activists' who were with Galloway left Egypt on Saturday, despite Egyptian threats to arrest six of them for inciting the riots in El Arish earlier this week.

I wonder if the morons from Neturei Karta who spent last Sabbath in Gaza (a story I did not report) left Egypt on the Sabbath.

Haaretz reports that Egypt will no longer allow convoys to travel across its space to Gaza.
[Egyptian foreign minister Ahmad] Aboul Gheit told government newspaper Al-Ahram that members of one convoy led by British MP George Galloway committed "criminal" acts on Egyptian soil on their way to Gaza.

"Egypt will no longer allow convoys, regardless of their origin or who is organizing them, from crossing its territory," Abul Gheit said, according to AFP.

"Members of the [Viva Palestina] convoy committed hostile acts, even criminal ones, on Egyptian territory," the foreign minister added without elaborating.

Seven protesters were arrested during Tuesday's clashes, but police swapped them for four policemen held by the activists.

A prosecutor in El-Arish later issued warrants for the arrest of seven activists, including two Britons and an American woman.

Aboul Gheit said that, from now on, aid to Gaza must be handed over to the Red Crescent at El-Arish who will turn it over to the Palestinian chapter of the Muslim relief organization in Gaza.


At 10:31 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

In case you are unsure where Pres. Obama's posse lines up:


And, for a description of earlier activities of the spoiled rich kids:


At 2:35 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

No more moonbat grandstanding in Egypt. Those losers will have find somewhere else to protest against Israel.



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