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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Could Wexler's old district go Republican?

You will recall that in October, Florida Congressman Robert Wexler (D) resigned his seat in the House to head up J Street's 'think tank.'

In the wake of Scott Brown's defeating Marcia Martha Coakley in Massachusetts last Tuesday, Michael Barone provides a theory that says that the only 'safe' districts for Democrats are districts that voted 64% or more in favor of Obama in 2008. Wexler's old district is one of those districts, and there will be a special election in April to fill his seat, presumably only until year's end and the new Congress' arrival. Barone regards Wexler's seat as one of the 103 that are 'truly safe' for Democrats in the upcoming elections. Barone says that
yes, it will be amazing if this heavily Jewish district in Palm Beach and Broward Counties elects a Republican; heavily Jewish Brookline and Newton voted heavily against Scott Brown in Massachusetts.
Shmuel Rosner goes through the comments to Barone's post and finds someone on site in Palm Beach County, Florida who thinks otherwise.
I happen to live in Wexler's district, and it wouldn't be amazing to me at all. Obama support among all my retired Jewish friends started out weak (they were all Hillary fans) and has eroded into very vocal opposition and contempt over the past year. Obama bumper stickers have all but vanished in Palm Beach county. People are scraping them off.
Are the Jews in Florida smarter than the Jews in Massachusetts? Granted, my blog attracts mostly people who would love to see that seat go Republican, but anyone in Palm Beach or Broward counties want to comment? (Rosner would like to hear from you as well).


At 7:21 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

American Jews are well to the left of the country. I'd be surprised if the GOP picks up the Wexler seat.

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Anything is possible. The district is 25% republican, 51% democrat, but 53% are over age 56 and really mad about Obamacare cuts to Medicare. The democrat Ted Deutch is a popular state Senator from the district but closely identified with the Obama agenda. I do the election workups for the South Florida 912 project - see http://southflorida912.org


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