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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brown win not about health care

From some reflections by Shmuel Rosner on Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts:
F. For those who think Brown has nothing to do with foreign policy - you might want to think again: "Brown attacked Coakley from the right on the major public policy issues of the day -- terrorism, taxes, health care, and cap and trade. Brown adviser Eric Ferhnstrom tells National Review's Robert Costa today that 'people talk about the potency of the health-care issue, but from our own internal polling, the more potent issue here in Massachusetts was terrorism and the treatment of enemy combatants'".
I sure hope Brown has something to say on foreign policy. As I noted here, he is pro-Israel and Martha Coakley was not.

More on Brown's stands on national security and the war on terror here.


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