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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The 10 goals of the Obama administration

Jennifer Rubin quotes Hillary Clinton on 'smarter sanctions' against Iran.
”It is clear that there is a relatively small group of decision makers inside Iran,” she told reporters traveling with her on the first leg of a nine-day trip across the Pacific. ”They are in both political and commercial relationships, and if we can create a sanctions track that targets those who actually make the decisions, we think that is a smarter way to do sanctions. But all that is yet to be decided upon.”
In other words, the Obama administration says that it aims to zero in on the Revolutionary Guard, but it will only do so if it can be done without harming 'ordinary Iranians' (including all the green revolution people who would rather that real sanctions lead to regime change).

Jennifer says that what Clinton is proposing is impossible and that it raises questions over whether the administration was ever serious about stopping Iran in the first place.
So with all this time, they haven’t quite decided what would be smart. But they’re positive they can focus like a laser on just the right bad guys, because bad guys rarely know how to set up middle men and third-party relations to evade detection. And even smarter yet, we don’t have any date in mind. Brilliant, huh?

Actually it’s appalling. And it suggests that the Obami were never serious about crippling sanctions to begin with. Apparently they were interested in stringing engagement along until no one could quite keep a straight face. Now it seems that the Obama administration has no interest in regime change and no interest in exacting meaningful sanctions that might alter the mullahs’ nuclear plans. But maybe we all aren’t smart enough to figure out how this is going to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Because it sure looks like the next declaration of “smart” diplomacy will be an admonition that we have to live with Iran in the club of nuclear powers.
Well, of course. Obama never intended to stop Iran. All these stories about damaging the 'green revolution' are an excuse. Obama isn't interested in regime change in Iran. Never was and never will be. It would violate goal number 4 and probably goal number 6.

Perhaps this is the time to state the ten goals of the Obama administration:

1. Get re-elected. Say anything to make sure it happens. A second term without needing to worry about being re-elected will allow greater freedom of action.

2. Socialize health care permanently. It will be the great equalizer in the new society.

3. Create a 'Palestinian state' (whether that leads to the end of the Jewish state sooner or later is irrelevant - either is acceptable). Israel's eventual replacement by a 'Palestinian state' will ensure that the Jews are not able to continue to achieve excellence and outsmart everyone else. They will be too worried about their physical safety.

4. Avoid war at all costs (except for sending troops to create a 'Palestinian state'). That means Iran gets its nukes. North Korea gets its nukes. Say bye bye to Israel, Georgia and any other states with bigger neighbors looking to swallow them up. Say bye bye to democracy in Iraq.

5. Degrade the United States as a world power. Remake all its alliances so that no one will ever trust the United States again. Get through to the American people that America is not exceptional. America is no better than anyone else.

6. Integrate Islam into Western culture so that we can no longer refer to Western culture as 'Judeo-Christian.'

7. Lay the groundwork for massive confiscatory taxation that will redistribute wealth in the US and eventually around the world. (This is already included in the Obamacare bills making their way through the House and Senate, but more needs to be done to make sure that wealth is distributed as evenly as possible).

8. Commit the United States to multilateralism in a way that cannot be undone by subsequent Presidents. (Watch out for more supermajority provisions that handcuff future Congresses like the one in the Senate version of Obamacare).

9. Make long-lasting changes in the Supreme Court that will ensure smooth passage for the liberal agenda. There will be more Sotomayor's.

10. Destroy the American economy to make it dependent on foreign powers.

Anyone think I missed anything? Anyone not see this coming in 2008?

What could go wrong?


At 5:27 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

Obama wants to erase the US and Israel from history. Its really one goal, All the rest are simply roads to that destination. Incidentally, its the same goal the mullahs have in mind: eradicate the Great Satan and the Little Satan from the world.

What could go wrong indeed


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