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Friday, December 04, 2009

Ukraine joins the organ theft blood libel

Here's a reminder that you don't have to be a Muslim to be an anti-Semite. Ukraine has adopted the organ theft libel.
Stories appearing on several Ukrainian Web sites claim Israel has brought around some 25,000 Ukrainian children into the country over the past two years in order to harvest their organs.

The claim, which was made by a Ukrainian philosophy professor and author at a pseudo-academic conference in Kiev five days ago, is the latest expression of a wave of anti-Semitism in the country. It comes a few months after a Swedish tabloid ran an article alleging that Israel Defense Forces soldiers have killed Palestinian civilians for their organs.

Jews, Israel and anti-Semitism have become a major motif of the presidential election campaign in Ukraine, with some figures making anti-Semitic statements and others condemning them. Some candidates, including a Jew and someone whose rivals claim is Jewish, blame a third rival - Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko [pictured. CiJ] - for bringing anti-Semitism into the race.
Unfortunately, there is no shortage of anti-Semites in the world. With the current focus on Islamist Jew-hatred, we forget that for centuries, Jews were relatively safe (albeit with dhimmi status) in Muslim countries and were in danger in Christian countries. The Ukraine itself has a rich history of anti-Semitism. We must always be vigilant (without becoming paranoid).


At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But we need a constant supply of Ukrainian children's organs to make our chulent every Shabbos.

What shall we do? What shall we do?

At 1:38 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Ukraine has never dealt openly or in any other way with its anti-Semitsm and the role of willing Ukrainian collaborators in the holocaust in Ukraine or the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto. No apologies no nothing; at best: both the Jews and the Ukrainians have mutual grievances. Khmelnitsky is a national hero, with monuments and a city named after him.I don't know about the Babi Yar memorial nowadays, but 20 years ago the inscription said that the people buried here are "Ukrainian citizens whorose to the defense of their country." I saw this with my own eyes. I was born and raised in Ukraine, and the country never ever has so much as admitted any wrongdoings. It is the epitome of victim mentality.


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