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Friday, December 04, 2009

Sabbath music video

I guess this one is the inevitable choice for this Sabbath because part of it comes from the weekly Torah portion (the part about Yaakov wrestling with the angel - here described as a man). It's sung by Mordechai Ben David. Here are the words with translation into English and Spanish.

Vaivater Iaakov levado
(And Iaakov stayed alone)
(Y Iaakov se quedó solo)

Vaieavek ish imo
(And a man wrestled with Him)
(Y luchó un varón con él)

Ad alot alot hashajar
Ad alot hashajar
(Until it lined the dawn)
(Hasta que rayó el alba)

Venisgav venisgav HaShem levado
(And HaShem will only be exalted)
(Y HaShem solo será exaltado)

HaShem levado vaiom hahú
(in that day)
(en aquel día)
Let's go to the videotape.

Have a wonderful Sabbath everyone.


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