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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Revenant population to increase by 10,000 in 2010?

Likud Minister Benny Begin claims that the population of Judea and Samaria will increase by 10,000 in 2010 despite the 'settlement freeze.'
Begin told a conference on Thursday night that the moratorium would be painful but was not a full construction "freeze" in the accepted sense of the word.

He noted that 3,000 homes already started would be completed regardless of the freeze, and said about 10,000 more settlers would move in, according to reports by Israel Israeli media.

"This is neither a freeze nor a suspension," the paper quoted Begin as saying. "Construction in Judea and Samaria will continue in the next 10 months," he said, using the Biblical term for the West Bank.

"We are now clarifying the conditions on the ground and saying that we don't intend to restrict or suspend new building permits."
Netanyahu spokesman Mark Regev said that the freeze stood and otherwise said "no comment." Maybe Begin was referring to how many children will be born to Jewish families in Judea and Samaria this year.

Of course, they haven't managed to stop revenants from having children - yet. But I'd bet they'd like to.

I can tell you about one new revenant: Mrs. Carl's niece is making a brit (circumcision) for her first-born on Sunday God willing. God willing, they will have many more children. The 'settlement freeze' won't stop them.


At 5:57 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

They can have lots and lots of children. The Jews will defeat Obama's attempts to ethnically cleanse them out of their homeland. With a million Jews in Yesha, all talk of a Palestinian state will run into the reality the Palestinians simply missed all the opportunities they had to get one. By then, for them it will be too late.



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