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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Miss 'Palestine'?

The 'Palestinian Authority' is holding a beauty contest. Yes, really. And the winner gets a new car (make and model not specified), a week-long trip to Turkey (why not Gaza?) and NIS 10,000 - a little more than $2500 at today's exchange rate. And guess who's not happy about it....
Salwa Yusef, director of Moda Trip, the organization that is holding the Miss Palestine contest, said that the event would take place despite the pressure and threats by Hamas.

"We will hold the contest unless the Palestinian Authority decides otherwise," she said. "We call on all those who are attacking us to give us a chance because we are seeking to send a message of civilization to the world."

The names of the candidates have not been made public to avoid exposing them to threats.

The women participating in the historic event are from the West Bank and Israeli-Arab communities. The 58 contestants, aged 18-22, were chosen from 200 women who presented their candidacy.

Apart from Hamas, several other radical groups have strongly condemned the planned beauty contest as a violation of Islamic belief, urging the PA to cancel it.


At 6:13 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

The Palestinians' commitment to killing Jews comes before a normal life for their own people. In that context, symbolic things like staging a beauty contest take on a great deal of significance in their society. Whether they can buck the extremists who rule the Palestinian Street remains to be seen.


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